• Defense Technology MK3 Stream 360º


Crowd ManagementDuty Aerosol
First Defense®
MK-3 1.3% Stream 360º
PART ID: 56833

The MK-3 canister size delivers a 1.3% MC% food grade formula that is non-flammable and Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW) safe. The First Defense® 360° system delivers a consistent stream pattern at any angle and any orientation. High quality is ensured through an ISO rated manufacturing facility. Independent laboratories confirm our products are consistently made to exacting standards. The red color band denotes the 1.3% MC% formula. While using a flip top safety/activator, this stream will travel up to 10-12 feet. This minimizes cross contamination and assists in targeting one person. This type of application targets the skin and eyes. The MK-3 canister size delivers about 6-8 short bursts and is designed to fit in smaller carry pouches.


**Must be 18 years old to purchase OC / Pepper Spray

**Pepper Spray is only sold to Law Enforcement Agencies in the following states: MA, MI, NY, and WI. 

**Must be shipped standard ground service to a physical address. PO Box and express shipping are prohibited by law.

**Other restrictions may apply, consult your local authorities for regulations in your area.



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Defense Technology MK3 Stream 360º

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