• Sabre Red Mark 4 Stream

With 10% OC solution, producing a scorching 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, SABRE Red is the hottest defense spray on the market today! Produces a stream of up to 12 feet and even sprays upside down. Contains an ultraviolet dye for suspect identification.

  • Designed, patented and manufactured with pride and craftsmanship in the USA
  • MK4 size is 3.30 ounces.
  • 3.3oz Spray, Standard Size


**Must be 18 years old to purchase OC / Pepper Spray

**Pepper Spray is only sold to Law Enforcement Agencies in the following states: MA, MI, NY, and WI. 

**Must be shipped standard ground service to a physical address. PO Box and express shipping are prohibited by law.

**Other restrictions may apply, consult your local authorities for regulations in your area.




"Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975" Security Equipment Corporation (SEC) is the family owned and operated U.S.A. manufacturer of SABRE pepper spray and SABRE safety products. After numerous requests, market research and testing, we decided to introduce SABRE Law Enforcement Aerosol Projectors in 1997. Agencies worldwide have switched to SABRE products because of SABRE’s product performance, independent laboratory testing, quality control, HPLC guarantee, training and service. Security Equipment Corporation now operates four (4) aerosol lines dedicated exclusively to producing aerosol irritant projectors (AIP). We believe our exclusive focus on this category, our 35+ years experience and commitment to producing the best AIP possible; have made Security Equipment Corporation the global leader in our respected category.


Ultimately, most agencies have switched to our products due to performance and safety aspects. SABRE provides officers with the best AIP and the best chance to gain control of “goal oriented”, alcohol and/or drug induced and emotionally disturbed subjects without the need to escalate to a higher level of force. Our commitment to research and testing will only allow us to improve on our superior products as we move forward. Our ultimate goal is officer safety and agency satisfaction.


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Sabre Red Mark 4 Stream

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